The Role of Diversification in the Pricing of Accruals Quality, Review of Accounting Studies, Volume 20, Issue 3 (2015), Page 1059-1092.
    Auditor Experience and the Timeliness of Litigation Loss Contingency Disclosures, with Feng Chen, Gordon Richardson, and Minlei Ye (Forthcoming at Contemporary Accounting Research).
    Strategic Disclosures of Litigation Loss Contingencies When Customer-Supplier Relationships Are at Riskwith Ling Cen, Feng Chen, and Gordon Richardson (Forthcoming at The Accounting Review).
Working Papers:
    Macroeconomic News in the Cross Section of Firm Assets, with Artur HugonMatt Lyle, and Seth Pruitt (under revision for resubmission)
    Same-Firm Audit Office Switches and Informationally Motivated Opinion Shopping, with Feng Chen and Jere Francis (under revision for resubmission)